Well, not sharks actually but bloggers. Lots of bloggers. David St. Lawrence, the project-manager-to-the-world, organized a meeting of area bloggers at Cafe del Sol today and I’m sitting here in the midst of all these cyber opinion makers, listening to discussions of trackbacks, cascading stylesheets and whatnot.

If you’ve read Ripples, David’s blog, you know he likes to organize things and so we now have regular meetings scheduled to talk about what is supposed to be the disorganized world of bloggers. If David had been around during this nation’s westward expansions, he probably would have organized the Indians and they will still own everything West of the Mississippi.

Fred First, of Fragments from Floyd, is the dean of Floyd Count bloggers, having been around since 2002 or so, which is a century in blogtime. Of course, my political news site, Capitol Hill Blue, has been online since October 1994 which makes it prehistoric — an appropriate analagy since David thinks news sites are dinosaurs anyway.