When Mike Royko, the legendary Chicago newspaper columnist, was in his prime, Washington Post publisher Ben Bradlee came to the Windy City to try and lure Royko to Washington.

Bradlee offered Royko everything sort of the keys to Katherine Graham’s bedroom, but the columnist wanted nothing to with either the Post or Washington.

“Wouldn’t work,” he told Bradlee. “I don’t hate anyone in Washington.”

Thought about that today when an email arrived asking why I haven’t written a new column for Capitol Hill Blue in a while.

“Nothing to write about,” I replied. “George W. Bush hasn’t pissed me off for more than a week now.”

Which, of course, was wrong. Every day George W. Bush remains in the White House pisses me off. The only problem is — replacing Bush with the likes of John F. Kerry also pisses me off. I may vote for Pogo.