Back in my single days — more than 40 years ago — a young lady I dated had an American-flag motif bikini swimsuit that she wore on the 4th of July. It got a lot of compliments, both for the design and the body that it sort of covered.

When I used the photo of her in a story about different ways of showing the flag on Independence Day, it got a lot of reader letters for the newspaper I reported. Some called the wearing of a flag motif “unpatriotic.” Others called it obscene. A few liked it, but many wanted to know why I did not show more of her in the bikini.

That was her call and she said “no.” I have a lot of photos of her in that bikini and in other attire, but her face never appeared in print and has not been on the internet. It will stay that way.

She died of COVID-19 last year. I still remember her as a young, vivacious, intelligent and beautiful woman. She looked great in that bikini but was even more exciting in so many other ways.