I have been a fortunate man to have enjoyed the company of beautiful, accomplished women during most of my adult life. My wife of 40+ years is a retired actress who worked with Al Pacino on a tribute to Lee Strasberg in New York, directed plays in various parts of the nation and knows more acting celebrities than most paparazzi have ever photographed.

During my single years, I’ve enjoyed relationships with women elected to powerful positions in America and elsewhere. The mother of our daughter is an accomplished teacher, honored by her profession and state. Most of the women I’ve known, loved and enjoyed over the years have taught me a lot and I thank each of them for the education and love.

One gave me my first drink of alcohol as a prelude to sex when I was 15. She was 18-years older and later became an accomplished college professor. Another would later serve a president as a member of his cabinet. Another actress starred in movies before retiring. She tired of cancer five years ago.

One suggested skinny dipping on our first date. It was, she said, a good way to get to know each other quickly. We stayed together for years. She died of COVID-19 last year.

A couple of ladies are subjects of photos that had in galleries in New York and the Washington, DC, area. Photos of others hang on the wall of my den and studio. Each were vibrant partners.

Sadly, as I approach the twilight of life, I now hear too often from friends or relatives of too many of these ladies who have died. Each notification leaves a hole in my life but one that is offset by the pleasant memories of our times together.

I always thought of female companions as partners in life, not as someone to dominate or abuse. Many were smarter than I. Most had far more education and success. I seldom understood why they were willing to share their lives with me, but I am glad they did.

Thank you, ladies, for the time and sharing. I hope I was able to return at least some of the same.