Fragmented Fred First, dean of the Floyd County bloggers, is the county’s latest published author. His collection of essays is out in a new volume, Slow Road Home, a blue ridge book of days.

Longtime readers of Fred will recognize the chapters in the book, either from his blog or his column in The Floyd Press (the two usually overlap).

From my perspective of one who grew up in Floyd County, Fred’s combination of wonderment and bewilderment is entertaining reading. Interaction with recent and not-so-recent transplants to our corner of the world provides differing perspectives that sharpen my own.

As with most of Fred’s writings — the ones that deal with observing the world around him and not his predictions of doom and gloom from bird flu, global warming and oil depletion — the book is a pleasant, leisurely read.

You can pick up a copy at Notebooks or Cafe del Sol in Floyd or Rams Head Bookshop in Roanoke or order online.