Spent a pleasant Sunday evening at David and Gretchen St. Lawrence’s housewarming out near the Parkway. The rain may have dampened plans to party on their deck but inside the conversation flowed, the food was good and we even had entertainment from guitarist Bernie Coveney, bassist Chris Luster and singer Sally Walker.

Would have enjoyed it even more had I not been hobbled with a bum knee, screwed up again by taking a wrong step during yard work. The ravages of age continue to muck up life here in the county – not fatally but certainly enough to be annoying.

When we’re young, we don’t think about the consequences of actions that will come back to haunt us later in life – particularly when it comes to abuse of body parts. Too many jumps out of perfectly good airplanes, too many car wrecks, too many thrown (and received) punches, too many wounds and too many broken bones add up to arthritic joints, calcified bones, overextended muscles along with aches and pains.

So I gobble aspirin like candy, soak in the hot tub until I’m pruned and take stairs a half-step at a time. Some might call it karma. Others could say justice. I just call it the realities of life.