One of our favorite lunch places is no longer open on Tuesdays. Beginning this week, Oddfellas Cantina operates under a new schedule: Open for lunch and dinner Wednesday through Saturday and brunch on Sunday but dark on both Monday and Tuesday.

As Floyd’s lunchtime options dwindle, it should open up an opportunity for someone to come in and open a restaurant that caters to a lunchtime crowd. On Mondays, only Cafe del Sol and Blue Ridge Restaurant serve customers downtown. One can venture to the north end to D.J.’s drive-in, Subway or Pizza Inn and, of course, there is Hardees but with Oddfellas closing its table service on Tuesdays and Mama Lazzardos reportedly about to close for good the options for a lunch munch get fewer and fewer. You can drive three miles out of town to Ray’s but call first because Ray Hatcher’s schedule has always been based more on a whim than anything esle.

Can anyone say: “Chinese carryout?”