All right. I admit it. I’m a Tivo junkie. We have the DirecTV package that offers everything – movie channels, sports, the works. We have three Tivos recording around the clock: News shows, documentaries, series and movies.

When properly set up, Tivo allows you to record two channels at once which gives us the capacity to record six shows at any given time and, collectively, we can store about 200 hours of programming on the three machines. So the odds are we will never, ever catch up on all the shows recorded on those hard drives.

TV networks act like Tivo doesn’t exist, refusing to acknowledge that most of us own and use Tivos so we can watch what we want at our leisure and skip through the ads. This, of course, bothers those who buy the ads so they are working on ways to use keep the ads in front of us even when try and use technology to avoid them.

Let the games begin.