Damn good question.  The latest upgrade of WordPress, the primary operating system for Blue Ridge Muse (and many, many other web sites), played hell with the thumbnail photos created on some of sites (including this one).

Combined with my continued rehab and recovery for severe back problems, this was one problem I didn’t need.  Thankfully, I’m finally seeing progress from rehab. I’m back on my feet and plan on resuming a normal work schedule starting next Monday, even though my rehab will continue for at least another year and it could be a year or more before I’m back at full strength.

I’ve been easing back into activity, shooting some basketball games, covering courts and the county board of supervisors.

Time to return to the world of the active.

If you run into any problems into this revised version of Blue Ridge Muse, please let me know at doug@dougtthompson.com.