Amy got a shock this this week when she arrived home to find a three piece, 1200-lb dragon alongside our driveway next to the house.

At first she thought I had finally gone out and replaced the one stolen from our lower front yard almost exactly two years ago.  Then she looked closer and realized it was the original one.

Inside, a voice mail waited from Steve Graham, one of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department’s investigators.  Yes, it was our dragon, which he and deputy Tim Dulaney found in the front yard of a home near Check after receiving a tip.

Nobody was home so the deputies loaded the dragon into a department SUV and returned it to us. The case is still under investigation.

Amy, of course, is ecstatic and I want to thank Dulaney, Graham and the department for locating and returning the dragon, which we had written off as gone forever. The case, although two years old, stayed open and they found the stolen item.

I wish others who have lost items in the county’s ever-growing crime wave were as fortunate.