Looking for a cozy place in the country. All you need is $1,295,000 and you can own a 4,000 square-foot custom designed home on 109 acres of land just eight miles outside of Floyd.

Yep, for a cool million, two-ninty five large, this home in the hills can be yours. Built by John Miller and SueEllen Lawton, it sits off Sowers Road not too far from Rte. 8.

SueEllen, the graphical genius behind Floyd’s tourism brochure for the past three years, is heading West with John for his new job in Washington State. In these economic times you go where the money is. Given the asking price for their home here, they plan on taking some of the money with them.

At the moment, this house is the most expensive listed on Realtor.Com for Floyd but if a million plus is out of your budget you can actually buy a bigger house with a swimming pool for only $995,000. But it only comes with 43 acres of land.