073006floydfest1.jpg 073006floydfest2.jpgThe skies threatened Saturday but only a brief shower fell as FloydFest 5 enjoyed a day of pleasant weather and growing crowds to see fan favorites like Donna and the Buffalo (above) on the main Dreaming Creek Stage while area bluegrass talents like The Whitetop Mountain Band (right) packed in a crowd at the Blue Cow Folklife Center.

The problem at FloydFest is not finding something to do but rather deciding which thing to do.

With music on multiple stages, crafts, workshops and the like sacattered throughout the sprawling festival site, visitors have to pace themselves for what can turn into a long, grueling day and evening.

I’ve battled leg cramps during most of this year’s events even with constant hydration and frequent rest stops. FloydFest is an event that both envelops you and wears you out.

But for most the music is still the thing and the crowds get into it big time (below). The Festival concludes tonight on the site just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Patrick County. It’s worth a day of your time. 073006floydfest4.jpg