Managed to make it from Arlington to Floyd and back again Wednesday without too many tragedies.

Ran into the usual delay on I-81 at Route 11 near Staunton when traffic went down to one lane while a team of tow trucks and rescue personnel pulled yet another 18-wheeler out of the median.

This one lost it while headed northbound on I-81, taking out about 30 feet of guard rail and a dozen or so trees before coming to rest near the southbound lane.

When you drive I-81 on a regular basis, you expect the wreck du jour, usually involving one or more of the big trucks that choke the highway and drive between 75 and 85 miles per hour. A few months ago, the Commonwealth of Virginia designated a stretch of I-81 from Salem to Ironto as a safety enforcement zone with promises of increased patrols and heavier fines. Yet I drive that stretch of I-81 at least eight times of a month and have yet to see a State Police cruiser or any sign of increased traffic activity while trucks blast by at 80 mph plus.

An errant crow became the major casualty of the trip, scattering itself across the Wrangler’s windshield near Harrisonburg. Took a while to clean crow entrails off the windshield and top when I stopped for gas.

Speaking of gas, prices ranged from $1.77.9 a gallon at a BP Station in Manassas to $1.67.9 at the TravelAmerica truck stop (also BP) just north of Roanoke. If prices keep going up, it may be cheaper to fly.