073006floydfest3.jpg 072906floydfest2.jpgFloydFest is a mixture of young and old, old-time hippie and old-time traditional, gay and straight, liberal and conservative, odd and odder.

After five years, the event that few gave much chance of success continues to grow and fulfil the dreams of organizers Erika Hodges and Kris Johnson but the event becomes reality because of the overwhelming effort of a small paid staff and an army of volunteers.

The music is interesting and fun to photograph but as a photographer, though, I try to look beyond the event and at the people because it is the unusual mix of humanity that comes together in that sprawling field in Patrick County that really defines FloydFest.

Like the Friday Night Jamboree, the people make the event and you find a hodgepod enjoying the show. Here are a few more shots gathered from the weekend. I’m still sorting through more than a thousand images and will put some more together in both slide shows and postings throughout the week. 072906floydfest3.jpg