An overflow crowd of well over 100 Floyd County taxpayers forced the Board of Supervisors to move a public hearing on proposed tax increases from the County Administration Building to the high school auditorium Wednesday night as citizen outrage, tempered with support for the new taxes, spilled out for more than two hours.

Some 40 speakers, representing a broad spectrum of county residents, vented to the board. Some expressed frustration at having to pay higher taxes while struggling to make ends meet on limited incomes, others said the tax increases were necessary to protect the school system and preserve law and order and others asked the board to consider other funding alternatives.

At times, the hearing resembled a raucous gathering of tea party advocates who spouted familiar talking points on reducing taxes and spending, punctuated by cheers from the audience. But those who supported the tax cuts received cheers as well.

A full report will appear in next week’s Floyd Press.