A couple of quick notes:

Hung photos over the weekend in Oddfellas Cantina. If you’re by for lunch or dinner, check them out and let me know what you think. Bill Bell, our local landscape photographer extraordinaire, will be putting his superlative scenes on the opposite wall of the dining room. Mine are all faces. Maybe we’ll call the shows “Faces and Places.”

Showing a historical restrospective of my photography today to the Floyd Rotary Club. They meet for lunch each week at Ray’s and often invite speakers. This means revising and updating the slide show that I’ve used for talks to the Friends of Floyd and other groups. I’m adding updates of local scenes.

Busy time. Spent all day Monday in Wytheville working on a video project for the Mount Rogers Center. Shuttled between the county administration building and the courthouse Tuesday covering the sentencing of Gary Cotton (among other cases) and the monthly meeting of the board of supervisors. Didn’t finish up until late Tuesday night.

As Amy so often asks: “Just when does this retirement thing kick in?”