Drivers on I-81 at exit 29 in Washington County can get a full view of the carnage from this week’s F3 tornado that struck Glade Spring.

I was headed north on my Harley on U.S. 11 out of Abingdon late this afternoon when a police roadblock diverted me to I-81. At exit 29, traffic slowed dramatically as drivers gawked at the damage that killed seven people in Glade Spring and left 15 dead in the region.

The photos below show some of the storms fury but the most awesome display can be found among the large trucks scattered like tinker toys along the Interstate.

I found this video on YouTube that shows some of the damage.  The video shot from the Southbound lane of I-81 at exit 29 gives you some idea of how the tornado tossed 18-wheelers around, heavily damaged a truck stop and ripped houses off foundations.

I’m not sure who pissed off Mother Nature but she is on a rampage this year. The storms cut a deadly swath through the south and the death toll may reach 300 before by the time all the bodies are found.

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