OK. This is war. All-out war. Man vs. the driveway. But this time, man will be armed.

After three months of using shovels, picks, hoes, wagons and rakes to fight a losing battle with an ever-eroding surface on the 35-degree, 450-foot long slope that, in one rainstorm, went from a smooth driveway to Floyd County’s most-challenging offroad trail, I’ve decided to bring in the big guns.

A power grader.

On Monday, I ordered a DR Power Grader, a quasi-heavy equipment tool that its makers promise will restore my driveway to its former glory.

David and Gretchen St. Lawrence speak highly of implements from DR. They bought one of their log-splitters not long after moving to Floyd County and David says the company delivers well-made products and backs those products with excellant customer service. I was further seduced by a well-made video and other excellent material from the company explaining just how the Power Grader works. I also talked to a friend in Carroll County who has one and swears by it.

According to the order confirmation received Monday night, the Power Grader will be shipped via truck this week and should be ready for pickup at the trucking company depot in Roanoke in about 10 days.

Enjoy your few remaining days of rebellion driveway. Your days of insubordination are about to come to an end.