With the generous help of Bernie Coveney, who decided that a broken down old man with a bad hip, two failing knees and a Rube Goldberg ankle couldn’t do it alone (and he was right), the DR PowerGrader now sits in my garage.

We hooked the trailer up to Amy’s Liberty today and made the run down the mountain to the ABF Trucking Terminal in Roanoke to pick up the 305-lb package. The folks at ABF used their forklift to to gently place the equipment, packed solidly on a palette, on the trailer and we were soon on our way back up the mountain.

Once back at Chateau Thompson, Bernie helped me uncrate the equipment while still on the trailer and we moved it into the garage. After he left, I hobbled around the garage, attaching the hydraulic power actuator (which controls the depth of the scarifying teeth) along with the yoke and the remote control for attaching to my lawn tractor. The job would be easier if I had full use of my limbs but until my ankle heals, all bets are off.

Fully assempled, the grader awaits another day of dry weather so I can attack the rut-filled, undulating mess called our driveway.

The war begins.