All right. Who pissed off God?

Last week, we drove through the same violent thunderstorm in a windy and wet trip from Floyd County to Arlington. On Sunday, sun warmed the highway as we left Arlington for the return trip.

Until just north of Ironto on I-81 when the skies opened and dumped rain and hail all over the place. Traffic slowed from the usual 75 mph to less than 20 in just a few seconds. A tractor-trailer passed us, then fishtailed as the SUV in front of the truck panicked and hit the brakes. From the sound of the golf-ball sized pellets rattling against the Wrangler, I was sure a trip to the body shop would be the first order of business on Monday.

We cleared the storm at the top of Christiansburg mountain and got off I-81 at Virginia Route 8, stopping at the Shell Station in Riner for gas and a chance to assess the damage. Amazingly, the Wranger escaped the hail of ice pellets without a dent, ding or scratch.

Inside the station, a Virginia State Trooper told Amy that hail fell for 45 minutes in Carroll County, yet Willis was dry when we arrived at 9:30.

But the house was dark. Power went out an hour earlier. Virginia Electric Power promised to restore power by midnight. They broke the promise. It would return in the wee hours of the morning.