Dan Casey over at The Roanoke Times pokes some fun today at the latest conspiracy theory — a takeover of U.S. society through the United Nations Agenda 21.

Tea Party groups in Virginia — including the Floyd County chapter — cite Agenda 21 as a threat to property rights and individual freedoms. Some speakers at Tuesday’s public hearing on the a new comprehensive plan for the area claimed the plan was driven by Agenda 21 as part of a Socialist plot to take over the government.

Conspiracy theories like this one have been with us for a long time and most are as ridiculous as they sound: The phony claims questioning Barack Obama’s citizenship, the purported plot by the Bush administration to blow up the World Trade Center and blame it on Arab terrorists and so on.

But people buy into these theories and promote them as fact even when even a cursory examination of the facts easily disproves such speculation.

What promoters of these theories don’t realize is that when they make such claims it destroys their credibility and cripples their cause.

For them, however, facts don’t matter. They just get in the way of the conspiracy theory of the day.

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