As we enter the so-called dog days of August my mind turns to the open road and places to visit.

I’m thinking or riding the Harley up to Washington one day to have lunch with an old friend I haven’t seen for years. Maybe another day ride down to Little River, South Carolina to see a former co-worker from our newspaper days in Illinois.

Longer, overnight trips are out of the question right now. My mother’s health is fragile and Amy is facing possible surgery over her back injury at work in March.  Both problems rule out long road trips.

I could mow the lawn. Lord knows it needs it.  Other work awaits around the house but those projects can wait.  My mind needs clearing after too many controversies over this summer, too many confrontations and too much turmoil.

A few hundred miles of open road always clears my head and refreshes my mind and body.  Soon, I will be back on the football sidelines shooting photos and caught up in the local controversies that come with the end of summer.

They will come soon enough.  Right now, the road beckons.

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