With all the emphasis on negativity nowadays, it’s not always easy to remember that each day we have on this earth makes us “The Lucky One.”

As a journalist, I too often get caught up in the negative side of life, bet it crime, politics or scandal.  But when I look at the vast majority of images shot since my return to Floyd in 2004, I find them laced with happiness, optimism and enjoyment of life that one finds in the area’s rich musical heritage or simple pleasures like high school sports, community gatherings or just everyday life.

We are, indeed, the lucky ones, blessed with life in a nation that — while sometimes flawed and torn apart by differences — is still the best quality of life on this planet.

The lyrical voice of Kari Thomas Kovick and the talents of Windfall provide a beautiful cover of “Lucky One,” Robert Lee Castleman’s song made famous by Alison Kraus.  Although the lyrics suggest someone who is clueless is the lucky one, it also reminds us that taking life as it comes can be a good idea and those who take things too seriously are the problem, not the solution.

Here’s to all of us who are the lucky ones.  We may not know the answers to the meaning of life but perhaps our ignorance gives us the means to enjoy it anyway.