OK, I admit it. I’ve got cabin fever.

Got it big time.

Haven’t been on my Harley since Dec. 17.

Need to repair a screen that the wind ripped loose on the back porch but it’s too damn cold to work very long on the project and realigning the screen is not something easily done in gloves.

Trips down the driveway remain a test of nerve and blind terror. Went down it backwards last week when the Wrangler swapped ends on the concrete-hard ice.

The clutter in the garage needs work but it’s too crowded in there to work with the door closed and too cold to work with it open.

The weather folks say warmer temperatures over the next two weeks will rid us of this cursed snow but it may take C-4 to break up the frozen tundra at Chateau Thompson.

All the same, we’ve been lucky. No frozen pipes.

Power blinked a couple of times but never went out long enough for the generator to kick in.

The cars start each morning.

The thermometer may rise a degree or two above freezing today.

That’s what they say.

I’ll believe it when I see it.