Monday’s Alberta Clipper roared into Southwestern Virginia as a frenzied snowstorm, dropped 1-4 inches on already snow saturated ground, and blew out of town.

While only a dusting when compared to the brutal storms that have terrorized the area since Dec. 18, the hit-and-run snowfall reminded us that winter is not over and the talking heads on the tube tell us that another clipper may swing into town on Saturday.

Floyd County schools remain closed for an eighth-straight day, adding to a ever-lengthening list of additional days that students must make up later this year. At this rate, students could still be in school halfway through the summer.

Weather — mostly dissatisfaction — remains topic one over breakfast at The Blue Ridge Restaurant. Most ask the same question: “Will this ever end?”

Not anytime soon. Most of the prognosticators say we’re in for at least two more storms — including Saturday’s Clipper Part II — and we could still get another major storm.

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