High winds sent drifting snow over previously-clear Floyd County roads again today, closing schools again and plunging wind chills into single digits.

Our wind meter clocked one gust last night at 61 miles per hour.

The 1-2 inches of snow that fell Wednesday piled up in drifts Thursday and early today. Our driveway is covered over (again) and we’re still parking our cars at the bottom of the hill.

The last time one of our cars made it up our driveway was three weeks ago. The drifts now top 11 inches on some sections and that snow covers layers of ice and snow that are another foot deep.

The National Weather Service says the high winds will subside, somewhat, this afternoon but the  wind advisory remains in effect until Saturday morning.

Blizzard — yes blizzard — warnings remain in effect for Grayson and parts of Carroll counties and other areas of Southwestern Virginia.

One friend left Meadows of Dan Wednesday with his motorcycle on a trailer — headed for Daytona Bike Week. Another heads out this morning with his bike in the bed of his pickup.  I’d love to be headed for Daytona as well but I can’t get a Jeep Wrangler up and down my driveway, much less a Harley-Davidson Super Glide.

Any time I meet up with someone in town they usually look out the window and say something like “damn, I hate this weather.”

They’re not alone.

Wednesday night’s regional tournament match up between Floyd County High School’s Lady Buffaloes and Glenvar is rescheduled for tonight.

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