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Our two Democratic Congressmen split their votes on the health care “reform” package that passed the House of Representatives late Sunday night.

Rep. Rick Boucher voted “no,” saying the bill’s cuts in Medicare hurt his large senior citizen constituency. Rep. Tom Perriello cast a “yes” vote, a move which could cost him in the mid-term elections this fall because most polls show Southwest Virginians aren’t sold on the s0-called “reform” plan that heads for President Barack Obama‘s desk for signature this week.

The 219-212 passage came without a single Republican vote and Obama bought that passage with a last-minute capitulation to Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak, a pro-life moderate who brought enough votes with him to put the bill over the top. Obama agreed to an “executive order” that would prohibit using federal funds to pay for abortions.

But the bill, for all its hoopla, does little to “reform” the health care morass in this country. Premiums will not do down. Most will increase. The bill not only extends health care protection to 32 million uninsured Americans — it mandates it, even if you can’t afford to pay. Failure to pay will bring a fine from the Feds.

For the most part, the bill is crippled by capitulations to the very insurance companies Obama claimed he wanted to control.

Obama sold out on health care reform — and he sold out the country as well.

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