Last week remains, in large part, a blur — a mixture of emotional swings that leaves one drained both physically and emotionally.

Dealing with the shock of almost losing a loved one leaves you reviewing and rethinking actions, wondering if decisions made were right or wrong, if warning signs were ignored and if you could have done more to prevent the trauma.

So you enter a new week exhausted, recognizing that many challenges lie ahead, knowing that hard decisions may be necessary with the understanding that any decision you make will be second-guessed by others.

Dealing with the declining health of someone you love takes a toll. Each phone call triggers a fear of bad news.

Giant strides in medical technology make it possible to live longer lives but at what cost?  Is the pain, loss of dignity and decline in both mental and physical acuity a fair trade for more years on this earth?

I don’t know.

I just don’t know.