Got those daily driveway washout blues

In a pattern that seems an endless repeat of last Spring’s drenching drama, we’ve fallen into a familiar routine: Hot days spawn daily cycles of thunderstorms with drenching downpours.

And my driveway washes out and disappears somewhere into Franklin County.

Another Spring ritual: Enduring some right-wing fruitcake with their head jammed up Sarah Palin’s ass claiming that climate change isn’t real, that it is all an environmental hoax cooked up by the loony left.

Anyone who actually grew up around here knows full well that the weather patterns we see now are far, far different from those of years gone by. Anyone with an IQ above that of the average plant knows that something is messing with the natural order of things when it comes to our weather.

It doesn’t take a degree in climatology to know that the climate is changing big time. All one needs is the common sense to stop listening to whack jobs like Palin and start looking at reality.

More later. Gotta regrade my driveway so it can be ready for today’s washout.

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