The last five weeks have been heartbreaking, nerve-racking and hard on my physical and mental state. Dealing with my mother’s deteriorating health — accelerated by her fall at home more than a month ago — has sapped my energy, left multiple projects on hold and put both Amy’s and my life in limbo.

Hopefully, in the coming days, I can climb back into the saddle of life and refocus my energies.

Our grass needs mowing before the yard turns into a wilderness area, various projects around the house need urgent attention and pending jobs for clients require completion.

My thanks to those who have tolerated my inability to concentrate on much beyond my mother’s health issues. While those continue, I’m working to get back on track. It won’t be easy but it has to be done.

A lot of happening in our little burg in the coming weeks: The Floyd Town Jubilee, weekly concerts at the Hotel Floyd, expanded events at the town’s music venues, FloydFest and more.

And today is Friday: The Jamboree, music in the streets and the energy that comes from a community that is alive.

It’s both an exciting and interesting time to live in Floyd County. Time to get back to documenting what’s happening in our community.

I’m going to take a long motorcycle ride somewhere this weekend. The open road helps me clear my head and put my priorities in order.

Then I’m going to get my butt back to work.

It’s time.

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