According to most reports, the government of the Town of Floyd is flush with cash.

While the county government struggles with a tight budget that has that entity living, basically, from paycheck to paycheck, the town has a budget surplus. When organizations ask for money, the town has been known to give them more than they request.

So why is the town proposing a property tax increase?

The county held the line on taxes, reducing the tax rate to offset increases in property assessments and keeping the taxes for most county residents at or near the same level. For some — us included — taxes went down slightly.

But the town wants to tax residents more at a time when money is neither an issue or a problem for the government’s budget.

For some it seems foolish, for others greedy. It raises serious questions about the town’s management and appears — on the surface at least — to be both incomprehensible and a case of overt mismanagement.

At a time when many county — and town residents — are struggling to make ends meet, raising taxes when you have money appears foolish and ill-conceived.

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