Sarah Palin: Not who she seems

An upcoming book about Sarah Palin portrays the tea party centerfold as anything but a family values soccer mom.

Instead, a searing look at Palin by author Joe McGinniss discovered a wanton woman who slept around, snorted coke, smoked grass and was pregnant when she married Todd Palin.

The book — The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin — will be released September 20 but details leaked early portray Palin as a sexual animal with a “fetish” for black men and a adulteress who screwed her husband’s business partner for six months.  Palin, McGinniss writes,  had a one-night stand with Miami Heat Glen Rice while dating her future husband.

According to McGinniss — who spent three years researching Palin and even moved next door to Palin in Alaska while working on the book — Palin snorted cocaine on snowboarding trips with her husband and friends and smoked marijuana with fellow college students and at least one professor while a student.

Palin in college

The revelations in the upcoming book confirm information uncovered by Capitol Hill Blue during the 2008 Presidential campaign when GOP candidate John McCain named Palin as her running mate.

In interviews in 2008, former classmates of Palin — who jumped around from college to college as a student — described her as a sexually-adventurous “party girl” who liked to drink and have a good time. Rumors circulating in Alaska during her failed bid to become vice president suggested she still liked the wild life as an adult, wife and mother.

The allegations — if true — contained in the new book by McGinniss appear to confirm those rumors.

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