And the rockets red glare? No everywhere this year

In some communities across the nation, the 4th of July will be quieter this year.

The Associated Press reports that at least a couple of dozen cash-strapped local governments have scrapped their annual fireworks displays.

In Clayton, North Carolina, budget cuts and layoffs have forced the town of 16,000 to cancel the fireworks show.

“It’s devastating,” says Clayton mayor Jody McLeod. “But because of the economy, this is just what the town has to do.”

Even larges cities face a question of whether or not to provide the traditional display. Dallas almost canceled its fireworks until a local company came forward with a donation to continue the show.

Floyd’s annual fireworks show will continue at the high school Saturday night but a popular, invitation-only show on Thunderstruck Road show is off. Floyd’s show also includes the annual festival. Gates open at 4 p.m. with fireworks scheduled at 9. It costs a buck to get in.

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