A Floyd County teenager died recently in a single-car crash. He wasn’t wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the car.  He was drinking as well.

A semi-truck driver roared through Floyd Friday night at well over the 25-mile-per-hour speed limit, almost hitting pedestrians in the crosswalk in front of Angels at the Attic and narrowly missing those listening to music on Locust Street.

My wife crossed Locust Street in the same crosswalk Friday and a motorist slammed on his brakes and shook his fist at her even though he was ignoring the law that says pedestrians have the right of way.

On any given day on the road I see cars illegally passing on the right of a car that is turning left, passing on double solid lines, running stop signs and breaking other traffic laws. The roads, sadly, are filled with inattentive drivers talking or texting on cell phones. Others are simply bad drivers.

All are dangerous. All are playing Russian Roulette not only with their lives but with the destiny of those unfortunate enough to be on the road at the same.

Like so many rural areas, Floyd County’s roads are open season for stupid drivers doing stupid things with dangerous weapons — their vehicles. The county has too many miles of roads patrolled by too few State Troopers and Sheriff’s deputies. Recently, I saw a Virginia State Trooper pass a car on the right on Main Street in front of the Floyd Pharmacy. He was also talking on a cell phone at the time. His emergency lights were not flashing.

Passing on the right is a reckless driving charge in Virginia — one that deducts points from your license. Yet how can we expect a trooper who breaks that law to enforce it on others?  I checked the court records and could not find a single ticket written by that trooper for passing on the right.

Every person on the road who ignores such laws are killers in waiting, potential murderers whose actions could take the lives of others.

They should be treated as such…and punished accordingly.