For weeks we’ve been saying how much we need rain. Well, we got rain…lots of rain. If forecasts are correct, up to six inches will drench the area by the time the rain ends tonight or early Tuesday.

The rain started late Saturday night and has been steady since then.  The U.S. Weather Service has flood warnings throughout the area and the Dan River is expected to top its banks sometime today.

If this keep up we may need to look up the specs for building an ark.

Yeah, that’s an exaggeration.

After the record snowfalls of last winter and a relatively wet Spring, the summer weather turned mostly dry and rainfall for many parts of Southwestern Virginia is up to five inches below normal. While this weekend’s rain will help, more will be needed to bring the water table back up to normal levels.

When daylight comes today I will check to see what — if anything — remains of our driveway.

It doesn’t look good.

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