Motorcycle riders know the “Tail of the Dragon,” an 11-mile stretch of mountain road in Tennessee that boasts 318 turns.  Riders from around here know that the Dragon, for all its notoriety, is a relatively tame stretch of asphalt when compared to some of the twisting mountain roads of Southwestern Virginia.

Squirrel Spur Road in Patrick County runs from Meadows of Dan down the mountain to Ararat. It’s not as long as the Dragon but some of the turns on the flat road are just as challenging and the ride is a lot of fun. Some have suggested we name the stretch the “Tail of the Squirrel” and sell t-shirts showing a squirrel feasting on a Dragon’s Tail.

Good idea.

The video above was shot on part of Squirrel Spur with a GoPro Hero HD video-cam attached to the handlebars of my Harley Super Glide. The sound is muffled because of the protective housing on the camera.