The trust fund slot machine. I just never hit the jackpot on one of these.

Indian Valley resident Bob Smith came on this web site last night and called me — along with others who agree with my position on the phony grassroots organization called The Tea Party — a “trust fund Obama supporter.”

Mr. Smith says: “I have watched for the last 40 years while self-hating elitists such as yourselves have systematically torn down the America I love and was was raised with.”

He adds: “The one thing I really like about you libs is that each and every one of you think you are the smartest one in the room, and you spend all of your time trying to prove it, rather than getting anything done – keep it up!   As for me, I’ll vote for cheap gasoline, big cars, Guns, God and Freedom every trip of the train, and if you don’t like it, tough, go tell it to the Marines!”

Trust fund Obama supporter? Self-hating elitist? Who the hell is this guy?

If Mr. Smith’s tirade is typical of the average tea party supporter then it’s no wonder they buy into the hype from an organization created by billionaire brothers who want to force their profiteering agenda on America.

For the record, Mr. Smith, if you can find my trust fund when I’d sure like to have it. It might come in handy now in my retirement years.  If you had taken a few seconds to do some research you might have discovered that I grew up on a farm here in Floyd County, worked full time for The Floyd Press while attending high school and held down two other part time jobs.  For two years, I took six hours of classes without a study hall and a year of summer school to graduate early so I could take an opportunity to work full time for The Roanoke Times while attending college.

Obama supporter? What planet have you been on, Mr. Smith?

On Oct. 15, I wrote this on my political web site:

The fact that Obama’s 23 point lead over Bush in public approval ratings is gone showcases what a monumental failure the great black hope has been at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course, he has had help — sheer incompetence from the so-called Democratic leaders in the House and Senate — but Obama’s complete and utter failure as President proves that great campaign speeches don’t make great leaders.

Obama continues a tradition of voter incompetence when it comes to picking leaders. No President in recent times will be remembered as a great head of state. Obama will go down in history as a black Jimmy Carter, Bush as a despotic President who lied his way into an impossible war, Clinton as a philanderer who preferred blowjobs to policy and Bush the first as a liar on taxes who said “read my lips” and ended up a one-termer when Americans did exactly that.

America is a screwed-up nation, led by screwed-up Presidents with help from a screwed-up Congress elected by screwed-up voters.

On Sept. 6, I wrote this:

Barack Obama promised change and a new way of doing things. Instead, we got the same old corruption (Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Water, et. al).  Instead of reversing things, Obama piled on more of the same (no changes in the Patriot Act, continuation and expansion of warrantless wiretapping, etc.).

Does this sound like an Obama supporter to you Mr. Smith? Uh, Mr. Smith? Pay attention. There will be a pop quiz after class.

Self-hating? Those who know me best would say just the opposite. As a recovering alcoholic (16 years, four months and 20 days sober as this is written), hate is no longer part of my vocabulary or way of life.

I’ve served this country, Mr. Smith — more than once. I struggle to walk around today with cobbled-together ankles, bum knees and a lot of metal in my body because of that service.  I love this country and have the scars to prove it. Anybody who gets in my face and claims I don’t love my country had better have  good dental plan. You got that Mr. Smith?

Lib? How can a gun owner and hunter who believes in lower taxes, less government and states’ rights be a lib?

The next time you want to take me on Mr. Smith, try doing some research first and don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. You don’t have the slightest idea what you are talking about Mr. Smith. You came in here and showcased your ignorance about me and what this web site stands for.

Which makes you a perfect candidate for membership in the tea party.

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