A number of people have asked over the last couple of weeks just who — if anyone — this web site will endorse in the tightly-contested race for Ninth District Congressman.

Sorry. We don’t do endorsements.

We feel it is presumptuous at best for us to try and influence anyone’s vote.

When it comes to taking sides in an election campaign, we’re political agnostics. We believe in providing the reader with as much information as possible then letting each make up their own mind.

In the Ninth District race, voters in Southwestern Virginia are offered three distinct choices with a moderate Democrat, a conservative Republican and a Libertarian-oriented independent.

Each has something good to offer and each has baggage that makes us question their fitness for office but perfect candidates are hard to find.  We are bothered by the fact that each of the three candidates use a lot of the talking points of their particular political affiliation without showing much inclination for independent thought. That makes us with there was a fourth choice in this race.

Democrat Rick Boucher showed a brief bit of independence when he bucked the party and Barack Obama by voting against a health care “reform” bill that is nothing but a production of health industry lobbyists.  But most of the time, Boucher votes with his party.

Likewise, Republican Morgan Griffith is so tied to his party that he probably asked the GOP bosses for permission to marry his wife. His voting record shows a lockstep adherence to the doctrine of the extreme right wing of the party of the elephant.

Independent Jeremiah Heaton has shown some flashes of independence but most of his rhetoric is straight out of the Libertarian playbook.

So what we have, in our opinion, is a slate of candidates who put party dogma ahead of what may or may not be good for residents of the Ninth District.

Heaton doesn’t stand a chance. The race is really between Boucher or Griffith. The question that each voter must ask before tapping the touch screen Tuesday is which candidate — if any — will put the needs of the people above the agenda of their party.

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