Suffered more than my share of injuries over the years — including gunshot wounds, knifings, shrapnel, broken bones, severe burns and torn muscles.

Thought I could work through anything.

But the pain from a long-neglected back injury put me down for the last few days. Hard down. Couldn’t walk. Couldn’t get out of bed without help. Couldn’t function. Period.

As predicted, the pain began to subside Tuesday and I expect to venture out Wednesday for the first time in five days.  The regimen of powerful pain killers is reduced now to a muscle relaxer every eight hours or so and — with luck — that will give way to the daily infusion of ipuprofin that I take normall to deal with the residual pain of an overly-rambunctious earlier life.

Still, I must face the root cause of the pain and make some decision on whether or not to take the necessary steps to find a permanent solution.

This latest bout has also driven home just how fragile our bodies can be — especially when it comes to everyday activities like walking, bending, reaching and even eating. At one point this past week even chewing on morning cereal sent sharp pain through my hips and legs.

I appreciate now, more than ever, what my mother faces every day with her battle against degenerative bone disease and complications from the hip and pelvis she broke earlier this year.

When our bodies function as they should — with the muscles, bones, joints, brain and nerves working in harmony — we move though the daily routine of life with little difficulty.

But let one cog in the mechanism go out of whack and we’re screwed.

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