Susan Allen (right), wife of former Senator George Allen, campaigns in Floyd.

George Allen, the former Virginia Senator of macaca fame and a heavily racist past, wants back in the Senate.

And he extremists and tea partiers who now the see the Republican Party as their personal playground after the 2010 mid-term election victories, want a Republican back in the Senate.

There’s just one problem: The Republican they want isn’t George Allen.

While Allen’s racist views might sit well with the tea party types who think Klan robes are still in fashion and knight-sticking the colored folks if fun after a tea party bash, Allen has a political problem: His real-world view of political moderation doesn’t fit in in the Middle Earth view of conservative tea party “values.”

So they hope someone with views somewhere to the right of Atilla the Hun comes out of the slag heap of tea party politics.

“There are some concerns based on his record and his rhetoric,” Mark Kevin Lloyd, chairman of the Lynchburg Tea Party and fice chairman of the Virignia Tea Party Patriots Federation,” told The Washington Post. “People are looking at things in a new light.”

You got that right Mark.  It’s OK to be a racist but you tea party folks sure don’t want to find no moderates hiding in the woodpile.

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