The rain that meandered through the area let up just after 5 p.m. and sunlight saturated the landscape so I fired up the Harley for a late afternoon ride, heading down Virginia Rte. 8 to Woolwine Mountain.

Carving curves on a twisty mountain road is both exhilarating and relaxing. The pegs on both sides of the Super Glide scraped the pavement as I leaned the bike into the turns, enjoying the crisp, post-rain air.

Turned left on U.S. 58 just outside of Stuart and headed up another mountain to Lover’s Leap, stopping to take in the view at the top before heading towards the Blue Ridge Parkway at Meadows of Dan.

Stopped for a few minutes at Mabry Mill, which has a new vendor and should open on schedule now that the drama queens in Washington have averted a government shutdown and passed a budget that will keep things as close to normal as our government gets for the next several months.

Back down the Parkway as more clouds moved in, bringing the threatened thunderstorms that would strike after dark. Turned north on Rte. 8 for a ride back to Floyd. Looked like a good crowd at the Country Store for the Friday Night Jamboree. Thought briefly about stopping but it has been a long week and a long day so I turned onto U.S. 221 for the five-mile ride home.

Pulled into the garage just before dark and beat the rain which would start in another hour.

Damn, that felt good.