It now costs more than $70 to fill up my Jeep Wrangler. Even topping off the 4.8 gallon tank of my Harley invites sticker shock.

Gas prices are headed up, up and up and there’s no relief in site. The cost for regular gas has broken the $4 a gallon ceiling in some parts of the country and will probably arrive here before to long.

Yet the federal government tells Social Security recipients that the cost of living is not rising and, therefore, they haven’t received any cost of living adjustments for the past two years.

If that’s true, how can the Floyd County Board of Supervisors justify increases in both real estate and personal property taxes on the grounds that costs are rising?

That’s an easy question to answer. Prices are rising — a the grocery store, at the gas pump and in the tax bills that will arrive soon.

For some, these hikes in prices and taxes will be the last straw. Too many people are stretched razor-thin and too close to the breaking point. If the supervisors approve both a five-cent hike in real estate prices and a massive 75-cent rise in personal property too many Floyd Countians will be forced to make a decision between paying taxes or putting food on the table.

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