For the third straight month, Floyd County Supervisors rejected the school board budget and sent it back for more tweaking.

The Supervisors Tuesday rescinded their transfer of $125,000 in May from the administrative budget to other categories with instructions to use the money to fund a one-percent, across-the-board raise for all system employees. The school board authorized the raise but cut six positions in the administrative area with the claim that the supervisors’ actions force the staff reductions.

So supervisors restored the administrative cuts but they still want the school board to give the one percent raise and they also want the six staff positions preserved.

The supervisors passed two resolutions Tuesday. The first included recommendations for both the raise and restoring the eliminated positions. Then — shortly before adjourning at the end of a long day — they removed the recommendation for restoring the staff cuts but the desire is still implied.

The school board has until June 21 to submit a new budget.  More details in my story in today’s Floyd Press.